Pils laukums 4-3 Riga, Latvia, LV-1050
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I - VI 12:00 - 23:00

Aprika is a modern restaurant which emphasizes honest and current dishes, prepared using only high-quality and fresh products and ingredients. Chef Ingmārs Ladigs' motto is ''local, natural and seasonal'', and he likes to emphasize organic products from local farms in his creations. The chef and his team get their products only from farms they know and trust. 
Aprika - a thick slice of bread. A Latvian word used back in the old days when bread was put on the table as a traditional side dish for a hearty meal.
Ingmārs Ladigs, the chef at the contemporary Latvian restaurant Aprika, is a winner of the Contemporary Taste of Latvia competition, as well as has his own cooking show called The Taste of Nature. He is also the author of many recipes, and presents seminars and master classes.

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    Dinner Menu
    Fried duck breast in honey glaze with lavender flowers pumpkin, kale salad, port wine - broth sauce, fried pear
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    Dinner Menu
    Duck meat salad sweet and sour orange sauce, pear, fresh vegetables
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    Lunch Menu
    Slow cooked beef cheeks
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