Lunch menu 22.04 - 27.04
12PM - 5PM

Cauliflower cream soup with sun dried tomatoes
fried vegetables, rice, sweet cream

€ 3.50
Our recipes pork chorizo
red cabbage puree, fried potatoes, spanish salad
€ 7.00
Chef's mini dessert
€ 2.00

Soup + Main course
€ 8.00

Special wine offer

2017 Marco Scolaris Pinot Grigio
Collio DOC Friuli - Venezia Giulia, Italy
€ 3,90
2015 Marco Scolaris Cabernet Sauvignon
Collio DOC Friuli – Venezia Giulia, Italy
€ 3,90
Amata Prosecco Extra Dry
DOC, Veneto, Italy
€ 3,50


Fresh goat cheese mousse
fried beetroot salad, raspberry sauce with rye bread, honeyed nuts
€ 4,50
Fried oyster mushrooms with thyme and wild garlic
fresh sugar peas salad, pickled carrots, onion scallions
€ 4.50
Cold smoked salmon fillet with horseradish cream
ice celery, honey mustard, radish
€ 6,00
Salted young herring fillet
rye bread toast, potato salad, smoked cottage cheese
€ 4.50
Sturgeon ceviche with smoked salmon
shrimp vinaigrette sauce, citrus fruits, coriander pickled lightly salted cucumbers
€ 6,00
Beef fillet carpaccio in wafers
aged cheese, pine nuts, fresh herbs, mustard sauce
€ 6,00
Asparagus wrapped in bacon
cheese, basil, cherry tomatoes, greens
€ 6,00
Today's special starter
€ 4.50
Latvian cheese platter
fresh cheese, cheddar, smoked cheese, aged cheese
€ 8.00


Spring vegetable salad
basil pesto sauce, vegetables, cheese, fresh herbs
€ 7,00
Hot smoked salmon salad
remoulade sauce, vegetables, fresh greens
€ 9.00
Duck breast salad
sweet and sour orange sauce, pickled pear, fresh vegetables
€ 9.00
Chicken salad
toasts with goat cheese, balsamic vinegar sauce with berries, vegetables
€ 8,00


Asparagus cream soup
wafer with parsley butter, cream, asparagus
€ 6,00
Fish soup
today's catch fish fillets, shrimps, tomatoes, fresh spinach
€ 7.50
Spicy chicken soup
country chicken, almonds, lemongrass, ginger, chili
€ 7.00
Oxtail soup
tomatoes, leeks, carrots, hearty broth
€ 7.00

Homemade fresh pasta Tagliatelle

Fried vegetables, tomatoes, spinach pesto sauce
€ 9.00
Fried tiger prawns, parsley, white wine sauce
€ 12.00
Bacon, sweet cream, aged cheese
€ 10.00

Main courses

Catfish fillet
caviar remoulade, crispy shallots, potato confit
€ 14.50
Wild salmon fillet baked with apple juice syrup
green peas puree, fried vegetables, basil oil
€ 20,00
Sturgeon fillet fried with nuts
asparagus, lemongrass sauce, fried vegetables
€ 21.00
Fried langoustines and sea scallops
zucchini tagliatelle, bisque sauce with fennel, sweet broccoli
€ 19.00
Roasted young duck with port wine broth
duck breast, duck leg, pear, carrot puree
€ 16.00
Beef cheeks in red wine sauce
potato puree, fried vegetables, caramelized onions
€ 12,00
Roast chicken in birch juice syrup glaze
chicken breast, chicken balloutine, fried garlic risotto
€ 12,00
Organic dry aged beef steak from "Rukisi" farm
steak 300 gr., fried roots, mushrooms, red wine broth
€ 27.00
Venison Tortellini
savoy cabbage with saffron, red wine broth sauce, fried mushrooms
€ 14.00
Fried mushrooms with leaf cabbage in a forest greens butter
potato puree, parsley, onion scallions
€ 11.00
Baked new carrots with citrus fruits
broccoli, zucchini tagliatelle, spinach
€ 11.00

Kid's menu

Homemade pasta Tagliatelle with cheese
tomato or sweet cream sauce, grated cheese
€ 6.00
Fish fillet croquettes
potato puree, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs
€ 7.00
French fries
fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh herbs, our homemade tomato sauce
€ 3.50
Potatoe puree
fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, sour cream
€ 3.50
Pancakes with vanilla ice cream
€ 5.00


Crème brûlée
rhubarb thick sauce, caramelized apples
€ 6,00
Almond milk flan with lavender waffle
raspberry ice cream, berries
€ 6,00
Dark chocolate cake
chocolate ice cream, caramelized pear, passion fruit sauce
€ 6,00
Homemade ice cream
chocolate, raspberry, vanilla
€ 2,75 / € 4,50 / € 6,00